4 Reasons Why Parents Should Monitor Their Children’s Smartphones

With the intrusion of technology into our daily lives in recent years, it makes sense that parents are becoming more concerned with their children’s smart phone use. Many parents have been wondering whether they should be monitoring their children’s phone activity. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why they should. One of them being that more than 1 out of every 3 teens experiences some kind of threats online.

1. Cyber Bullying

teen-with-smartphoneCyber bullying is one of the main issues frightening parents. No longer are bullies contained to school yards; they can actually invade your child’s phone with threatening text messages and photos. Children are often embarrassed to admit that they are being bullied. The only way you might know that your child is being cyber bullied is by checking his or her cell phone.

2. Online Predators

It is no longer true that the only way a predator could get to your child is through the front door. You must now protect your children as they browse the web on their phones. You should be checking your child’s phone, in addition to talking to them about their online friends regularly, to ensure that they are not giving out inappropriate information.

3. Sexting

Unfortunately, children are often exposed to sexualized material long before they are ready to understand it. Sexting, which includes sending and receiving sexual test messages and photos, can be dangerous. In fact, pornographic images that are taken when somebody is underage can follow them around. These pictures can become viral, spreading around school. If you find that sexting is occurring, you can put a stop to it early on and speak to your child.

4. Usage Problems

If you notice that your phone bill is steadily increasing, it may be your child’s phone use causing it. You need to have rules for phone usage, whether it is a limit on text messages or call minutes. Most phone companies offer a way for users to check their usage online.

While some parents see checking their child’s phone as an invasion of privacy, others see it as a great way to protect their kids. Many parents who have found inappropriate material on their child’s phone have been able to take the proper steps to protect the family.