10 Most Important Things to Buy for Newborn Babies

Once the tiny creatures come out to the world, they look so cute, but at the same time they are so small and fragile. They are so very dependent that they need all the attention and care they could get from you. Newborns should have all the right stuff needed to feel warm and loved. They should also feel secure and safe during the first few weeks of their life outside the womb. Parents should have this recommended checklist of newborn must-haves to be sure that all things are set and ready for their newborn’s arrival.

things to buy for newborns

So, here are the most important things to buy for your newborn babies.

1. Cot/Crib

Obviously, this is the newborn’s humble abode! Newborns spend most of their time sleeping. They spend almost 17 to 18 hours a day sleeping. Since they need more hours to sleep, for them to grow and develop. They need to have a good and comfortable place to sleep. They are usually moved around the house so it will be better if they have movable cots or cribs.

The cribs should also have the right mattress, sheets and blankets which goes with it for babies to have a very good and peaceful sleep. It should also be moved to the right locations in the house where it is well ventilated or in an area or room with the right temperature for babies to sleep longer.

2. Receiving blanket

Newborns need to be protected from draft. Receiving blankets will do the trick. These have multiple uses. They can either be used as an extra layer of warmth for babies or they can also be used to shield them and make them feel warm and comfortable. A lot of parents also use a receiving blanket for them to sling their babies to them.

3. Baby clothes

Clothes are not just for fashion sense; they are also for security and welfare! Newborns need to feel warm and secure. Parents should also consider the season when their babies are born when it comes to buying clothes. They need to have the right clothes to make them feel comfortable. Babies born during the colder months will need thicker clothes and they will need overalls, something to cover their whole body from the cold.

Babies born during, the warmer months may not need them. They will just need onesies or T-shirts. Newborns will also need hat and booties and socks. They will need the thicker kind of these stuffs during the colder months. What is important is that they will have clothes which will make them comfortable with the temperature. They also need good sleepers for them to be comfortable at sleep.

Baby clothing should also include bibs and wash cloths. Babies usually vomit a lot after feeding or when they burp. Bib or washcloths should be handy for mothers or caregivers to wipe the baby.

What parents should take note on baby clothes is that babies grow so fast. They can outgrow newborn sizes in weeks. Parents should prepare clothes in larger sizes which can be used up to 5 to 6 months.

4. Diapers (disposable/cloth)

There are many competing diaper brands today but the bottom line is they are necessities for your newborns! Parents can choose from disposable diapers which are most preferred by mothers today or the cloth diapers. Newborns will usually require up to 10 to 12 changes a day so parents must have a good estimate on the number of diapers to prepare. It will be safe to buy a few large bags of diapers.

If cloth diapers are preferred there are two kinds available, first the one with Velcro tape the second kind is they have to be attached through pins or diaper clips. Cloth diapers if they are changed right away once soaked have lesser chances to cause rashes among babies.

There is also a third option preferred by parents and that is from a professional service. Wherein fresh cloth diapers are delivered and soiled diapers are picked up by a diaper service.

5. Diaper wipes

Wipe away all the baby’s mess with diaper wipes. Wipes are important to clean a baby’s button, at the same time this will come handy when infants vomit or spit milk after feeding. There are also wipes which are safe to use on the face to freshen up babies especially during the warmer months or in warm places. Parents need to be sure that the baby wipes they are buying is hypoallergenic and scent free. This is to protect the baby’s sensitive skin.

6. Feeding bottles and nipples

If you run out of breast milk for feeding then why not try the convenient alternatives? Bottles! Breastfeeding is recommended but there should still be available bottles and nipples in case mothers decide to pump their breast milk. More bottles will be needed for babies who will be fed with formula. Another thing to consider on bottles should be the quality of the plastic. They should be high-grade plastics which can withstand the steamer when they are sterilized. Low-grade plastic wares will have negative effects on the baby as a lot of studies show.

7. Bathtub

Babies love the water and newborns will become wriggly or will keep on moving once they feel the water and their bodies become so slimy when they are soaped. They should have the right shape for bathing and strong tub to hold the baby. The tub should be safe and proper handling should be applied and observed.

8. Body soap

Choose the baby’s body soap wisely! Since babies should be bathed properly every day, they should have gentle soaps. Hypoallergenic soaps are the best choice for you. This will keep them clean at the same time the soap should not harm their delicate skin. Baby soaps should also be fragrant free.

9. Hooded towel

Newborns easily feel cold. After bath, their whole bodies need to be secured through a hooded towel. This will cover them from head to toes. They should be all the time kept clean, safe from dust since this will directly touch the baby’s skin.

10. Baby nail clippers

When babies come out, they usually have very long nails. Since mittens are no longer advised by pediatricians their nails should be trimmed by a blunt nail clipper. This will prevent harm on the baby’s face and arms once they scratch it which they often do. This will make sure that their nails should be kept clean and short all the time.

Since babies are such delicate little creatures they must be given the right essentials for them to be healthy, safe and warm. All these stuff and maybe more should be noted by parents as they welcome the new member in their family.