Starting a Career in Fostering

Starting a career in fostering through Advanced Foster Care is tough but there is ample reason for that. The children in the foster system need a lot of time, attention and love. The team at Advanced wants to make sure that you are fully committed to doing so, and they want to put the child in the best home for it as well. They walk you through their steps they require for you to become a foster carer, brimming with encouragement and support the whole way.

First, they will want to do a home visit with you. The home visit is where someone from Advanced will come out to your home and meet with you. This is a perfect opportunity to ask questions about Advanced, any of the kids you want to foster or anything else that comes to mind. They’ll ask you questions too. The team at Advanced want to know what your expectations are as well as about you as a person.

fosteringSecond is the Skills to foster workshop that Advanced offers. This workshop is designed by current foster carers for upcoming foster carers. The social workers who work with Advanced also help run this workshop so you have ample support as you prepare for being a foster carer.

Third is the Assessment process and that takes roughly twelve weeks. During that time, they do personal checks which include taking references, criminal background and medical checks. After they do complete checks on all those things, they submit your application to a foster panel.

Lastly, comes the meeting with the foster panel. During this time you will meet with them and discuss your application. After it is approved, you are ready to begin your career as a foster carer with your first placement.

The team at Advanced Foster Care will be beside you the whole way. They offer classes and outstanding 24 hour support for their foster carers. With the team at Advanced, the career as a foster carer is sure to be a success.