Popular Reasons for Learning Latin

To some, Latin is a dead language, and this means that it is not worth learning. In truth, a language being ‘dead’ is not the denouncement that it first seems to be. Dead languages are ones that are no longer the native language of any active communities, but they can still be used in other environments and in other ways. Extinct languages, on the other hand, are ones that have no speakers and that are not used in written form either. There is a third kind of language, liturgical language, which refers to a language that is used in a religious context.

why learn Latin
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Latin could be classed as being a classical language because it is still read and studied frequently thanks to its presence in ancient literature. It stands alongside Greek, Arabic and Sanskrit in that regard. To some, Hebrew and French are classical languages as well, although they have a lot of modern use as well.

Latin can be classed as being both liturgical and classic. One could call it a dead language that never really died. It is not the native language of any modern community but there are people who still speak it and it is studied and read by a lot of people, for a wide range of reasons.

Latin survives because elements of it live on in Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian, and Portuguese. These are ‘romance languages’, and close to 90 percent of the vocabulary that exists for those languages is taken from Latin. They have evolved over hundreds of years, and there have been many changes, but the roots are still there. As you will see below there are many reasons to choose a Latin tutor and learn the language.

There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to learn Latin:

Become Multilingual

Learning Latin provides you with a basic understanding of the roots of the romance languages, so when you start with Latin you will get off to a good start for six other languages.

English Grammar and Vocabulary

The study of Latin can also help with mastering English since around half of English comes from Latin, and when you look at the polysyllabic words in the language that comes up to 80-90 percent. Grammar in Latin is quite regular, so it is a good base for learning how English works.

Common in Many Professions

Latin can help to prepare people who are interested in learning about law, science, medicine, philosophy, art, literature, music and theology.

Become a Better Writer and Appreciate Reading

It becomes easier to read with clarity and write confidently when you have an understanding of Latin and a wide vocabulary.

Appreciate History

Learning Latin helps people to truly understand the Roman Empire, and understanding them helps to shed light on how they impacted Western civilization. The history of art and architecture is one that is steeped in Latin, so it helps to have a good understanding of it.

Enjoy the Classics

Some of the most influential writings of all times were written first of all in Latin. While they have been translated, the true beauty of the pieces shines through when you read them in their unchanged form.

Become a Better Learner

Studying Latin helps people to learn how to solve puzzles and piece together words, and that makes the learner into a more careful and considered reader. Many people attribute their academic achievements to learning Greek or Latin as a child because it is that learning process that instills a work ethic that will carry over to other areas of their academic and even their personal lives, making them more confident and determined.

Read for Pleasure

To some, reading Latin is like learning a secret code, and reading things that are written in Latin is a form of special communication that releases the hidden wonders of the world.

An Efficient Way to Learn

When you learn Latin you may find yourself studying more than one subject area at once, and that means that you will get a lot of benefit out of the time that you invest into it. Learning Latin is a tool that allows you to master multiple things at once and once you can wield that tool you will benefit in all areas of your life.