Get Your Baby Organic Clothes

Organic baby clothing is really catching on in recent times with more and more parents opting for it. There are several benefits of organic clothing, particularly for babies and growing children; which is why so many parents choose to buy them. Owing to the increased demand, it is also more widely available today.

Benefits of organic clothing

Organic baby clothes are a natural progression from organic baby food, non toxic accessories, and so forth. Crops (including cotton) are routinely treated to pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and any number of other substances that are toxic and even perhaps carcinogenic. However, certified organic cotton is grown using natural and non toxic fertilizers and pesticides; i.e. grown organically.

organic-baby-clothesThis means that baby’s sensitive skin is not affected by wearing clothes that could potentially be harmful. This means fewer skin allergies as well because organic cotton is thought to be hypo allergenic for babies.

There is also the fact that some of the fibers from the clothing may make their way into the respiratory tract. Since baby’s respiratory tract is very immature and only starting to grow, it is a good idea to go with organic baby clothing so that chemicals and toxins are not introduced into the baby’s respiratory system.

It is also earth friendly, because it causes far less environmental pollution, so ecologically responsible parents may want to make the choice for this reason as well.

Where and how to buy

There are several online stores as well as bricks and mortar stores that stock organic baby clothes. Many are quite competitively priced so by paying only a little bit extra, you can purchase peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing the best you can for your baby and the environment.

Look for basic items: Jumpers, leggings, vests, all in ones (onesies), jackets… You can then mix and match these to create several different combinations. Also you can add and remove layers as per the season and the weather.

Look for certified clothing: It should be made using not just organic cloth, but also non toxic and low impact dyes.

Other earth friendly products: You may also look for other baby items that are made in a responsible and earth friendly fashion like diapers that are beach free, bags and baby sacks made from hemp, jute or other earth friendly material. Ideally baby’s toiletries and hygiene products should also be organic.

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