10 Good Parenting Skills Every Parent Should Possess

Parenting is the toughest, albeit most rewarding job in the world. So we don’t presume to make you a good parent within the limited space of a simple blog post – if only parenting were as simple! What we can do however is try and list a set of general rules of thumb to use for parenting.

Sure we all have different parenting styles but these few simple tips may be good to follow regardless of those individual variations.

1. Show Consistency

If bad behavior fetches certain consequences let that occur consistently. Be consistent in praising good behavior, not accepting bad behavior and make the consequences proportionate to the infringement.


2. Love Unconditionally

Your child needs to know that no matter what, you’re there for them and that you simply love them for themselves. Your affection should never be dependent upon things like grades, excelling at sport or anything extraneous like that.

3. Listen Sincerely

Listen to the words but also understand the emotion behind them. And when you’re child is telling something that they feel is important never belittle what they say.

4. Set Routines

Children are comforted by routines; they find them reassuring and dependable. Regulating things like bedtimes, playtimes, study times and limited TV times is good for them.

5. Show Affection

Don’t just say “I love you” – touch your child, hug him, cuddle with him and be demonstrative. Not only should you be demonstrative towards your children, you should also be the same with your partner or spouse so that you child is familiar and comfortable with healthy expressions of love.

6. Eat Together

This is a good way to make sure that the family spends at least some quality time together each day. Chat about what happened during the day and other casual things – you may be surprised at how much information there may be in those casual conversations.

7. Holiday Together

This is another way to spend quality family time. It is further enhanced by the fact that you are not encumbered by chores and routine at this time and are free to just have fun.

8. Laugh and Have Fun

Watch cartoons together, play silly games, toss a ball in the garden and just find ways to laugh and have fun. Having fun together is very important for bonding and quite simply in means that your kids want to spend time with family.

9. Let Them Make Mistakes

By all means safeguard your child from injury and hurt. But unless the mistake is going to have serious consequences, let your child make a few mistakes’ take a few tumbles. How else will they learn?

10. Don’t Humiliate

Don’t ever call names, never belittle, and never make your child feel small. It may give you some satisfaction momentarily but it can scar your child’s emotions – and soon enough you will feel shame for your behavior as well!