Getting Single Parent Grants

Bringing up a child as a single parent can be tough at several levels: at an emotional level, for logistical reasons and very importantly for financial reasons. Single parent grants are designed to offer help for the many unique needs and to assist in an admittedly difficult job. These are financial and other aid packages that are designed to help a parent cope with daily expenses, paying bills, and also scholarships for studying further to get an education to improve life.

Eligibility Criteria

It is a fact that there are more single mothers than there are single fathers struggling to bring up kids. So there are probably more grants and offers of assistance for single mothers out there – government funded at the state and community level as well as privately sponsored. However it is possible that grants for ‘single moms’ may not be gender specific and may be applicable for single dads as well.

single-momThe eligibility for getting a grant depends upon the level of education, standard of living, income (whether or not one is on social welfare) and other factors come into play. Typically, individuals from socially and financially disadvantaged and lower income strata of society are more likely to be eligible.

Where to Go? is a very useful resource that offers information and lets you register and apply online for grants. The search feature helps you browse all categories of funding – education, food and nutrition, employment and training, health, housing, income security and social services, law and legal services, transportation and more. You can also browse by agency to see what sort of grant is available and what you may qualify for.

The Federal Student Aid website is another useful resource where you can find out about various student grants and scholarships. The financial website of the state that you live in, will be able to offer information regarding eligibility for and types of grants available.

Additionally various other funds set up by philanthropists help women who have been the victim of domestic violence or abuse, individuals who show particular promise in terms of academics, older single women, low income single women, and so on.

Visiting your local family services office personally can be a good idea to see what grants are available at the community level. Visiting the unemployment center can also help with finding a better paying job or one with flexible hours.