5 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Keeping kids occupied, and constructively entertained can be a challenging task. You will ideally want to keep you kids away from the TV and computer games to the extent possible and even perhaps engage in educational activities. So here are some ideas for fun summer activities for kids that will give them constructive activities to occupy their time and will also offer you some peace of mind:

1. Have a picnic

A picnic doesn’t necessarily mean an excursion out of town. It can be a picnic in your own backyard. It can involve a tent or two or it can involve portable pools and other toys, a tree house, or just a picnic table in the back yard. The highlight should be a picnic basket that your child helps assemble that has healthy snacks as well as some favorite goodies. Invite a couple of other kids over for a play date and make a whole day activity of it. You can have a similar play date where your kid visits with their friends as well, so you can have some time off too.

2. Get them involved in chores

window-cleaningIf you play it the right way, kids can start to think of chores not as work but as family fun. Get them involved in dish drying while you wash, or show them how to load the dishwasher carefully and systematically. Involve them in car washing, and other cleaning chores around the home. Another terrific activity to get your child involved in is gardening. The process of planting, seeing the seedling emerge and nurturing the plant to the state of flowering can be fascinating and educative for a young child. In the process he or she may develop a hobby as well.

3. Create a reading day

Gather any and all books that are age appropriate and get your kids or your child along with some friends to have a reading day. The child who is most proficient, as per their age can be given a star (you can contrive a way to give every child a child a star some way or the other).

4. Let your child pick up a hobby

Enroll your child in a hobby class that teaches your child a new skill, or a group sport. Not only will it keep your child engaged, it could help start a hobby that will grow along with your child.

5. Organize a skit

Pick out a simple story line, have a director and audition for parts. Let every child make a contribution and make this a fun neighborhood activity that culminates in a performance some weeks down the line.