Facebook Photo Album Names for Baby Pictures

You’re a proud new parent of a frankly amazing little baby – the most precious, the most adorable, and the most incredibly wonderful creature on the face of the earth. It is only obvious that you want to share pictures of your little miracle with friends and family.

Where earlier you would have had to take pictures, have them printed out to send to everyone. Now all that you need to do is upload them on Facebook for everyone to see. Not only do you want to upload pictures you also want those pictures to tell a story. So appropriate captions for the pictures and grouping into proper albums becomes important.

Pregnancy photo album names

If you decide to post pictures of the pregnancy, even before baby arrives, you may want to consider album names such as “Womb with a View”, “My Labor of love” or something cheeky like “Got a bun in the oven” or even “____ in the making” insert baby’s name if you’ve already decided this. If you’re going to put up pictures of an ultrasound, you could call it “Sneak Peek” or “Teaser Trailer” or something similar.


Consider something cute like – “He had a twinkle in his eye – baby is now a twinkle in mine”. It could also be something heartfelt like “The Journey of Two Heartbeats” or something really simple like “As I wait…” or “Anticipation”.

Ideas for naming baby’s first Facebook album

Some popular choices for baby’s first social network album are these:

  • Our bundle of joy (Made in Heaven)
  • My personal Miracle
  • Look what the stork dropped off!
  • Lil’ Luv Bug
  • 10 Tiny fingers, 10 Tiny Toes
  • Mr. Perfection / Ms Perfection
  • Our own little sunbeam
  • Along came ____ (insert name of your child here)
  • Daddy’s little devil (keeping you up nights, is she?)
  • Newly minted
  • Caution – Awww! Alert
  • Got Hair? Or Bald & Beautiful (these are specially for the beautiful little baldies)
  • Eat Sleep Poo – That’s what I do
  • Look Who’s Sleeping
  • My SON Shine
  • Special Delivery
  • New Kid on the Block
  • It’s a GIRL!
  • The Girlie Girl
  • Sweet & Sassy
  • What a Doll!
  • My dream come true

It is a good idea to give a date to each picture and caption it properly to create a pictorial record that your baby will enjoy looking at later. Also create new albums for each year or every few months.