3 Enjoyable Educational Activities for Kids

As a parent, you would wish that your child learns life skills and obtains knowledge without too much grueling effort; that even playtime could be useful in teaching something to your child. The idea should be that a child learns but in a fun and enjoyable manner; without even realizing that he or she is doing do. This way a child doesn’t feel the boredom and compulsion that is so often associated with schools and other formal educational settings.

Some of these simple games and activities can also be a great way for a family to spend time together such as when traveling. Make sure that the activities you encourage your child to become involved in, are age appropriate and adequately supervised.

1. Science Experiments

educational-activities-for-kidsYoung kids can learn from simple experiments such as an inflated balloon balanced against a deflated balloon of the same size to demonstrate that air has weight. A slightly older child can grow their own little plant using nothing but a tray, some blotting paper, some seeds and water. They can quickly and easily demonstrate the growth process. Older children would benefit from doing more complex scientific experiments to demonstrate energy conversion, chemical compositions, and the laws of physics and so on.

2. Arts and Crafts

Let your child take an art class, or learn a musical instrument. Creative outlets are very important for kids not only because it helps them think in new ways but also because they can be a great stress buster for the little trials and tribulations of childhood. Add to this the fact that such activities can uncover artistic potential in your child which could lead to an enjoyable hobby, a scholarship or even a career.

3. Family Games

There are so many simple family games that can help a family spend hours of fun time together; and which can help a child learn as well. I spy with my little eye is a classic road game where little children can improve their vocabulary and observational skills. Older children can improve spelling (“I spy with my little eye, something spelt with”).

Another simple game such as Atlas where each contestant says the name of a place – England for instance – and the next one names a place that starts with the last letter of that place – so Denmark – can be very useful too. A child can learn a lot about geography, particularly if there is a game stipulation that each contestant has to not only name the place but also say something about it or its location.