7 Hacks to Make Caring for Senior Parents a Breeze!

Being a senior can mean making some changes to your life. We asked Senior Care Center for some tips on how to make things easier and they happily obliged.

senior parents caring

1. Refrigerator Help!

The older you get, the harder it becomes to bend and reach for items you need. The refrigerator is an often hard to access spot for seniors when it comes to reaching things in the back shelf. Why not try a Lazy Susan on the top shelf? It’s easy to rotate the turntable and reach the items that the person needs.

2. Easy Access Buttons

Seniors may suffer from certain eye conditions or diseases that prevent them from seeing remote control or telephone buttons properly. This problem can be prevented by placing raised stickers on the buttons they need easy access to.

For example, if someone has macular degeneration, bumps can be added to the most commonly used keys such as the number “9” or “0”. Remote controls can use bump stickers for the power button or the volume controls.

3. Preventing Sharp Corners

Sharp furniture edges are a leading cause of injury for seniors. Try rounding off dangerous angles by using either corner guards or a putty that can become rubber as it dries. Of course, if new furnishings are purchased, be wary of sharp edges and corners.

4. Non-Slip Grip Idea

Weak, arthritic or shaky hands can make it hard to pick up heavy objects such as coffee mugs, water bottles or even simple things like toothbrushes. Rubber bands are a great solution to create a non-slip gripping surface.

5. Easy Drinking Through Straw

Chasing the straw while an older adult is attempting to drink is common for many seniors. Fortunately, with the clever trick of using a clothespin to secure the straw to the side of the cup or mug can make a difference. As the cup moves, the straw will stay put!

6. Slip and Fall Prevention

Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury for the elderly, but they can also be prevented. Soap is very slippery when wet and can easily fall out of an older or a disabled person’s hand and cause injury. A simple trick can help keep the soap in place and all you need is an old pantyhose. Insert the bar of soap into one leg and tie off the top. This way, the soap is no longer a threat and can be tied to a shower caddy or showerhead.

7. Traditional Medication Tracking

Older adults often have trouble learning new technology, which is why medication timing apps aren’t all that useful. Try the traditional method of keeping track of medicines by printing out a calendar and making notes daily or using a printed spreadsheet. Seniors can appreciate the simplicity!