Baby Summer Clothes: What All You’ll Need

The cute factor for baby clothes is very high – there is so much that you as a new parent will be tempted to buy; simply because the clothes are just so adorable! But keep a few things in mind about baby summer clothes: buy what is practical and what is suitable for the climate. Also try to limit yourself to what is really required and don’t go overboard with the designer stuff. Remember babies outgrow their clothes awfully quickly! Glance through our list of must-have baby summer clothing here to know what you’ll really need.

1. Short Sleeved Tops

Several short sleeved tops that you can mix and match with pants, shorts, skirts and overalls are a good idea. Short sleeves mean that your child isn’t too hot in long sleeves, but it also means that your baby’s shoulders and upper arms are protected from the sun if you plan to be out of doors for a longer time. Choose natural fabrics such as cotton to keep your child cool and pick bright summery colors and fun nursery prints that will also delight your baby.

2. Lowers

You can pick shorts, skirts, leggings or overalls to go over the shirts and tops – mix and match to create plenty of different looks. Leggings or overalls may be a better bet if your child is crawling or learning to walk because they will protect those little knees from getting hurt to say nothing of getting extremely dirty!


3. Rompers or Onsies

Rompers and onesies are a great idea because they take the guess work out of the whole mix and match scenario. Just pop on one item of clothing and you’re ready to roll! And just put in one or two spares into baby’s bag when you head out, in case of any accidents, spit ups or food spills.

4. Hats

Hats are a must if you’re heading out into the sun with your little one, since sunburn is a very real danger. Pick a hat with a color or a character that your child likes; babies and toddlers are notoriously unwilling to wear headgear!


5. Light Jacket

A light jacket is a useful thing to carry in case the evening gets a little chilly. It is also very useful to protect baby from the sun; particularly if you don’t have sunscreen at hand.

6. Swim Suit

Whether it’s a day at the beach, a pool side barbecue or just some time in the kiddies paddle pool, your baby will need a swimsuit (or two if you’re into plenty of water related activities).