10 Must Have Baby Safety Products for Your Home

When you think about it, a baby in the house is in a dangerous place – with furniture here and rugs there, and the refrigerator here and drawers there; sharp edges and slamming doors – there is much that could end up causing an injury. So, how do make your home a safe place for your baby? Here are some of the most useful and necessary baby safety products you should have at your home.

1. Outlet Plugs

Plug points can be at any level – the low level points are obviously dangerous but baby may even get to the higher ones. He is far more inventive than you think! So invest in enough outlet plugs to prevent little fingers getting into electrical outlets.


2. Table edge guard

Table edge guards for the corners as well as the edges are a simple precaution against baby hurting herself because of sharp edges and corners of furniture.


3. Safety latches or Multipurpose straps

Safety latches that go on to drawers and cabinets – think CD drawer, think cleaning materials cabinet. You never want baby getting into those. Even multipurpose straps will do the job to prevent baby getting into the fridge or freezer and other potentially dangerous places.


4. Door stops

Door stops will prevent those little fingers and toes getting caught in the door or even windows. Get the wrap around kind; they are convenient and easy to use. They also prevent baby accidentally getting shut inside a room.


5. Toilet seat lid lock

You don’t even want to think of what can happen if your baby gets into the toilet. A lid seat lock is a useful baby safety product to have around the home.


6. Window mesh

Babies are far more agile than you may anticipate. You do not want to take a chance with windows. A window mesh looks a lot better than ugly window bars and it still does the job of protecting baby.


7. Safety gate

A safety gate at the top and bottom of the steps is a must. But even in a single level house with no stairs, a safety gate may be a good idea for places such as an open plan kitchen where you cannot shut the door to the kitchen and so on.


8. Hearth gate

Quite simple – keep baby away from the fire; far enough away that there is no likelihood of singeing or even sparks.


9. Baby monitor

This is one baby safety product that is vital if baby is going to be in a room other than your own. And even if baby sleeps in your room, you still want to be able to keep an eye on baby when he takes a nap from any other part of the home.


10. Crib rail teethers

Babies who are teething will bite anything in sight, including the rails of their cot or crib. Why not get some crib rail teethers, so she can bite in peace?