What to Look for in Baby Bouncers and Jumpers

Making the right choice for baby bouncers and jumpers will not only help keep your baby amused and occupied but it will also help stimulate baby’s brain and promote physical development. But choosing the right type gives a tough time to most of the parents. So, in this article, we look at what you should actually look for in bouncers and jumpers for your baby.

Baby Bouncers

Look for a bouncer that has gentle bouncing motion to help soothe your baby and comfort baby; so that the gentle rocking motion can help baby sleep as well. Look for a light weight bouncer that is easy to carry around, but also make sure that it is stable enough not to tip over. If you’re thinking to get one of those bouncers that also acts as an entertainment center for baby; the sort that comes equipped with an activity bar, make sure that the activity bar is not fixed by is removable. This makes the bouncer more easily portable, for when you want to carry it in the car.


Also if you want baby to be soothed to take a short nap, having the toy bar above may be too stimulating. So you should be able to remove it when you need to. Babies seem to enjoy bouncers that play songs or music, but be warned, the repetitive music may soon get on your nerves. Also the batteries will need regular changing or charging. Make sure that the bouncer is equipped with belts or a harness and other safety features.

Baby Jumpers

There are many types of jumpers: the type that are freestanding and have their own stand, or the sort that have to be suspended from a doorway or similar place. Yet others are freestanding and are structured rather like a swing and come equipped with a musical mat. So consider what the right type is for you, given the type of house you have, the space available and so on.

Jumpers can come equipped with a lot of activities, music, and all. Consider whether you want one of these so that the child will turn to these activities when he or she wearies of jumping or whether you want a plain type of jumper where the child focuses all energies on jumping, twisting and spinning. Look for a sturdy jumper with requisite safety features so that you have your peace of mind as your baby has fun jumping and improving their motor skills.