4 Essential Furniture Pieces for Your Baby Bedroom

There is no doubt that deciding on what baby bedroom furniture to buy is one of the more enjoyable aspects of preparing for a new baby. So whether you are expecting a baby or are new parents thinking of shifting your little one to their own room, it pays to give careful thought to what you really need.

Do you want to have a theme for baby’s bedroom? What is your budget? How much space do you have in the room? Do you plan to have more babies in the future? Depending upon the answers, the requirement varies but more or less, the following furniture would be common in most of the baby bedrooms.

The Crib

baby-bedroomThe crib where baby is going to sleep is of course the most important thing. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the risk of SIDS is lowest when infants sleep in the same room as their parents. To eliminate any risk that co-sleeping may present, go for a bassinet to begin with and buy a crib later. If you have the space, think of installing baby’s crib in your room and then shift it to a separate room.

When you look for a crib, focus on well made, quality cribs that adhere to all safety standards. If you plan to use a hand me down, make sure you check it defects and safety features. Also consider a convertible crib that will grow along with your baby, lasting your baby practically till they’re grown up.

Changing Table

Many parents swear by it and others simply say it’s a useless waste of money and space. Only you can decide if you need a separate changing table, but consider the fact that you can change your baby on the floor, or you can use a dresser or top of a chest of drawers for changing. You may also think in terms of a dresser/changing table combo.


Baby’s clothes, diapers, feeding paraphernalia, toys, layettes and other odds and ends will need to be stowed away. Do you have closet space for this? If not consider getting a portable closet or organizer that offers sufficient space for all this.

Furniture for the Parent

You will need someplace to sit down as you feed your baby, rock her to sleep or simply cuddle for a while. Consider buying a comfortable chair, rocking chair or glider or if you already have one of these in the home, consider shifting it to the baby’s room.