10 Activities for Preschool Children

Preschoolers are notoriously difficult to entertain. They are full of energy, have short attention spans and seem always to be getting into trouble! So how do you go about keeping your little tyke gainfully occupied – preferably in a way that teaches something and also keeps them out of trouble? Here are some ideas and activities for preschool kids that they’ll enjoy.

1. Drawing with Food

For once you can tell your toddler it’s OK to play with food. Let your little one use leftover spaghetti to create interesting line drawings. Slices of potatoes, okra, and even the rinds or peels of fruit and veggies can be dipped into paint and then printed on paper.

2. Pool Activities

The physical development of a child this age is very important and lots of physical activity is a must for this reason. If you have a swimming pool or even a portable kiddie pool, let your child spend time on various pool activities. Remember though, that constant adult supervision is a must for all water related activities.


3. Tin Can Phone

Use tin cans or paper cups and a length of string to give your child and a friend, hours of fun. In the process your child grasps concepts such as how sound travels.

4. An Hour at the Park

Unstructured play is very important for young kids. They need to be left alone to do what they like – with adult supervision of course, but without constant direction or instructions from the adult.


5. Make a Zoo

Give the child a large tray. Let her pack it with mud, create a few trees and ponds and then make enclosures for different animals. Then she can place those little plastic animals to create her own zoo. It keeps her busy, gives her something creative to do and helps her learn animal names and habitats.

6. Memory Game

Put 10 objects on a table, let the child look at them for a few seconds and then cover them up. How many can he recall? These and other memory games entertain, challenge and aid learning.


7. Feel and Tell

This is a game to enhance a child’s tactile sense. Put several objects in a sack. Let the child put her hand in and try to guess what it is that she is feeling.

8. Blind Man’s Buff

A game for your child and his friends: improves alertness, the sense of direction of sound and is just great fun.


9. Tag

A game that has been around forever, tag is a simple, enjoyable game that everyone in the family can join in.

10. Simon Says

This is again, a game that improves alertness and quick response time.