Yummy Me Feels So Good: A Fascinating Picture Book for Children by Lion I Am

If you are looking for a fun way to teach your kids to accept their feelings, understand themselves and live in the present, then this delightful picture book from American author-illustrator Lion I Am would make a perfect gift for them. Available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions, Yummy Me Feels So Good contains animal pictures your kids would love and enjoy. It is suitable for preschool to 3rd grade children aged between 2-8 years.

Yummy Me - Feels So Good

The book provides a way for little souls to nurture positive feelings and memories, which in turn creates healthy neural networks in their brain. Remembering and replaying happy feelings strengthens the “Happy Muscles” and changes the entire body chemistry in a healthy manner.

Remember how quickly feelings came and went away without sticking around when we were kids… How a simple belly laugh brought us joy and wonder! When children lose themselves with insects and animals or even with inanimate things like stars and pebbles, they are in fact lost in a feeling of wonder and joy. This picture book provides an opportunity to the kids to experience that natural happy place we once lived in.

Some Illustrations From the Book

Lion illustration
Owl Illustration
Manatee Illustration

About the Author

Lion I Am Dan lives on a beautiful island with lots of trees and animals. He likes quiet spaces in nature just like his animal friends. He enjoys talking to the turtles, dolphins and whales when they are around him. Like the Lion, he enjoys relaxing in nature and listening to the sounds of the birds and animals and that of the wind in the trees and bamboos. He especially loves walking along the beach by the ocean surf.

He loves playing with children and animals. They help him laugh at all his passing Me’s and his funny moods. The children and animals remind him to be grateful for his life here on this beautiful Earth. On a good day, he is like the relaxed watchful lion who watches things from his resting place of Self love and wonder. The mop top birds who sing “All there is is Love, Love is all there is. Love is all there is, All you need is Love” know what is important. They are very smart and happy birds.

His new book “Yummy Me Feels So Good” isn’t just another story book. It is something parents can use with their kids for many years of early childhood. The fascinating illustrations in the book are capable of bringing smile even on the parents’ face. No doubt, your kids would want to see them again and again!