7 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind when Buying Toys for Infants and Toddlers

There are lots of factors you need to consider for buying toys for infants. You can’t merely go through shops and choose a toy that your baby would love. Before that, you should take into account certain safety tips to ensure that your baby stays safe and healthy. Giving a toy to your adoring little one is an important action that needs to be taken cautiously. So, here are some safety tips for buying toys for infants and toddlers.

safe toys for infants

1. Safety

Safety of your beloved little one comes with a huge priority under any circumstance. Better health will be extremely vital for the well-being of the baby. It sounds a state which is risk-free and literally safe. You will need to buy the toys that are more child-friendly and safe. There’s a need to say that toys must be of good quality and made of non-toxic material, since the latter can directly influence the health of the baby.

The toy that you are going to select should not have tiny parts that are detachable. The infant could easily detach them and he won’t hesitate to swallow it in, thinking nothing about the outcome. Nor should they have small threads or rope-like attachments, otherwise it will trigger a situation where the infant will damage his or her neck and get badly injured while playing with toys.

In addition, don’t buy toys that have sharp edges or more metallic contents. Therefore it’s really a must that the movable parts should remain fixed and stationary so that the baby’s safety is guaranteed.

2. Opt for classic toys

You should be aware about what the little one really loves. If you could still recall your childhood and go beyond to infancy, you will understand what you liked during your periods of innocence. However, there is a range of varied types of toys that babies would indeed love to have.

Frequently presenting a baby with a set of building blocks would generate an awesome experience for the child. Children would love to fix and remove the blocks and build the arrangement as they wish. They will enjoy a lot more than you do if you could choose the best toy for your baby.

Apart from using building blocks there are still many other toys to play too. A set of animals to resemble a small zoo can be of great joy and fun at the same time. Additionally, you can choose plastic toys with different colors and shapes. You would be amazed at how the child would give you a feedback upon receipt of the toy. See it for yourself!

3. More bath toys

Well, the bathroom can also be a place of fun and thrill as far as the baby is concerned. There needs to be more bath toys for a baby to really enjoy the bathing time. The more the toys are the more joy the child will experience while playing with them.

Have you ever imagined how wonderful it would be to have bathing ducks, fishes, small boats and dolphins around when bathing? The parent and child could share the time out there when bathing, if you select the correct type of bathing toys. They will be available in many formats and depending on the child’s likes and dislikes.

Please don’t just go into the shop and buy whatever that is offered to be “bath toys.” Instead you can do search for the bath toys at different shops and compare the quality and prices. Once you have reviews and if you feel the toy will best fit the child, you can already make the decision. Always be careful in choosing the best toys for your cherished baby.

4. Buy lead free toys

This small precaution will indeed do a lot in making sure your child’s health is not at risk, and so will be the life of your loved one. Sometimes it is found that some toys are coated with lead-amalgamated paints. If you know what really lead is and the chemistry behind it, there won’t be any difficulty in getting rid of this hazard. Lead is a heavy metal and it can also be radioactive. Therefore, it is advised to refer to the description of the toy that you are going to buy and reassure that it is totally lead-free. Otherwise lead poisoning can take place which leads to many cancers and can be fatal depending on the amount of lead, involved.

5. Books as toys

Many wonder how books can be toys. Well it is not that all the books can become infant toys; however there are certain books with broader pages that can do the trick. They literally mean great toys for children.

Babies truly love the beautiful pictures and images that are present in the books. These illustrations will do great. Books can be considered as toys, as long as the baby finds himself or herself enjoying the said books. The books can even tell a story with descriptive images.

Your child will indeed be marveled at how this new type of toy works out. Just step into the bookstores and you will find picturesque beauty in them. Even a quick glance at them will attract your children. Moreover your child’s memory and brain will function together when dealing with relevant stories, making it additionally helpful to improve the knowledge in general.

6. Do physical shopping, never buy online

There is a lot of difference between online and physical shopping when it comes to buying toys for your beloved kids. However, it is easier to do online shopping for toys. But you are not able to observe the toys yourself and have a better impression regarding the toy you are going to buy.

Yet you are freer to check the toys in the stores and compare them. If you are careless and just willing to buy online it’s the time you went wrong. Since you can’t have a good scrutiny, the toys that you ordered may be faulty and may not be ideal for your child. It can even have harmful materials inside. Thus, never take out your credit card instantly as long as you don’t want your child harmed.

7. More wooden puzzles

Perhaps you might have heard that puzzles could boost little brains. It’s believed that the role played by puzzling arrangements as brain boosters is obviously vital to the bringing up of the child. Please take the following properties into attention prior to buying a child’s puzzle.

Choose a puzzle that is easy to grab. The child will love it more if it’s handy and if it can be held with less effort. Always try to switch to a natural and non-artificial material. Wooden puzzles are ideal in terms of buying the best toy for your baby.

Select puzzles that have knobs on the pieces so that it’s well held. These knobs will help your child to move the pieces comfortably; and naturally, a wooden puzzle can be a good option with a variety for a little kid. However it’s up to you to make the decision correctly in buying the toy.