Best Car Seats for Babies with Reflux

One of the common experiences of infancy is reflux – it is like a baby burp that brings up some of the contents of the stomach. Typically, after a meal, a baby may ‘posset’ or bring up some of the recently consumed milk when he or she is made to burp. Many parents typically use a little cloth to catch the reflux each time they burp baby.

Reflux is a temporary problem that will last until the valve that separates baby’s stomach from the food pipe becomes stronger and more efficient. Decrease chances of reflux by keeping baby upright for some time after a meal. Also carry baby around in a sling as much as possible. Not only does this keep baby in a comfortable position, it prevents baby from crying and crying increases chances of reflux.


In the mean time, it may be problematic to travel with baby in a car because of the reflux. Some babies may have not just reflux (which is about teaspoon full) but could also spit up or vomit larger quantities. So try not travel too soon after a meal. Also if you do plan to travel, give baby a smaller meal than usual. Also choose the right car seat for a baby with reflux. Keep the following in mind when picking one:

The shape of angle of a car seat is important

Many car seats have a ‘well’ shape which is meant to settle the baby and keep him or her securely in place. While this is a good thing, it can also mean that you baby is in an uncomfortable, slouched or slumped position that could put pressure on the stomach and cause reflux. So opt for a car seat that has a more relaxed seating angle and a shallower well. Look for an adjustable seat that can be altered to suit your baby.

Examine the car seat material

You can do everything right and your baby may still have some amount of reflux. So make sure that you carry an extra set or change of clothing and some soft baby wipes with you when you head out with baby. Also look for a car seat that has removable/reversible fabric that can be easily cleaned or washed. That way if an accident does occur, you can reverse the top covering of the car seat. When you get home, you can give it a thorough cleaning.