Choose the Right Baby Changing Mat for Your Little One

You will need to decide several things about baby’s basic hygiene – what type of nappies do you plan to use – reusable cloth or disposable? Will you use a barrier cream or talc each time you change baby? Do you need a changing table? You will also need to decide what sort of changing mat you should get and how you should choose the right one. Here’s how to go about choosing the right changing mat for your baby before you go ahead and buy one.

Consider the Size

Get the right size mat for the top of your dress or changing table or wherever you plan to change your baby. Also remember that when you pick out a changing mat, remember to think ahead. Your baby will be tiny to begin with; you will be amazed at how quickly they grow! So don’t get a small changing mat simply because it seems convenient now.

Look at the Features

baby-changing-matMany mats are simply mats – flat surfaces that are easy to fold and easy to stow. Others however have raised sides that prevent baby from rolling off. Many have inflatable raised sides which can be deflated for easy storage. Even mats with raised sides can fold up so they are not necessarily more bulky.

Pick a mat that is waterproof – you don’t want any more messes to clean up after changing your baby! Also look for other features such as an easy to clean surface that is also germ resistant. The mat should ideally be padded for baby’s comfort.

Also consider other features such a belt or strap that will keep baby in place as you change him.

Some mats also have features that keep the mat attached to the furniture on which it is kept – look for one with this feature if you think it is necessary.

Portability Is a Plus

Do you need to be able to change your baby in any room in the home or do you plan to go to the baby’s room each time she needs a change? A bigger mat may be difficult to lug around the house to consider the sort of changing mat that you want to get based on this.

Do You Need More than One?

Consider whether a single changing mat is enough or you need more. It may be a good idea to get one large, full feature mat for use at home.

A smaller, lighter, easily foldable mat may be a good idea to tuck into baby’s bag along with all her other stuff for when you head out.

Remember you can never predict when and where you may have to change baby, so it pays to be prepared.