Engaging Activities for Two Year Olds at Home

It’s not known as the “terrible twos” for nothing – two year olds can be the most exasperating, innocently destructive and notoriously difficult-to-keep-occupied little creatures in the world! Your two year old is perhaps the most adorable and fascinating little person right now, but he or she is also perhaps the most challenging at this age – exploring, getting into mischief, unable to comprehend or follow instructions.

So obviously keeping that little person occupied, entertained and out of mischief is a tall task indeed. Here are some at-home activities that can help:


1. The good old chalk board

Give your child a slate, a wall mounted white board, or even a roll up chalk board and some baby friendly chalk and watch them become quickly engrossed in this activity. It makes a child feel big, being able to hold a writing implement and creating whatever they want. The child can ‘write’, draw and generally be as creative and imaginative as they want to be.

2. The sand box

This is another traditional favorite and most children simply enjoy playing in the sand. You can get a small area in your yard or veranda made into a sand pit or you can get one of those portable/readymade sand boxes. Give your child various cups, spades, buckets and spoons and watch the ensuing pouring, sifting, filling, emptying and shaping!

3. Pool fun

While all activities of your 2 year old require adult supervision, any water activity requires even more vigilance and you have to be careful that your toddler is at no time unsupervised, even in a few inches of water. Given that, a little child, some toys and a little pool of water mean bliss! Let them float a squeaky toy, splash water, get thoroughly wet and generally have a great time!

4. An activity center

A lot of thought and effort goes into creating those activity centers so as to give your child a multi-sensory experience. Many of these help improve tactile, visual and audio experiences and keep a child actively interested for hours because an activity center is typically several activities in one.

5. A keyboard

Small children enjoy any activity which creates noise (notice how they enjoy banging pots and pans). A colorful, child friendly keyboard that emits different tunes, sings rhymes, makes the noises of different animals and helps a child create their own music can be very entertaining indeed!

6. Finger painting/Crayon drawing

Let’s face it-kids love making a mess! Letting your little one finger paint satisfies that innate need to make a mess and also helps your child express themselves. If however you’re not stout hearted enough to let your child engage in such a messy activity, spread out some newspapers, sit your child on them, give them some sheets of paper and some crayons and let them go to town! Who knows what artist may emerge!